Connecting on demand bookings: We have developed our unique website and mobile application that connects between customers and providers to book multiple items on the same platform.

The Company

Our Mission

To maintain and reinforce our position as a leading company in online / app platform, through offering our customers a first class on demand booking services.

Management philosophy, corporate motive

  • Management philosophy
  • We live together with you

Management principles

  • We pursue the safety of our customers.
  • We challenge ourselves to create customer joy and excitement.
  • We are always pleased to provide our customers with peace of mind.

Company motto

Thank you everyone, please have on demand booking.

Our Story

HudHud Online was founded in 2018 by a group of entrepreneurs who identified the need to facilitate better online services in many cities in the world. The company, in collaboration with its technical partners which had grown its base by deploying a free web & HudHud mobile application that facilitates to proving booking with certainty every time, and to create jobs, enable better transportation modes and place pricing for the service in the hands of the customer, while improving productivity for Providers, car hire companies and private Providers.